Nueva versión de DTXmania

Captura DTXmaniaPues parece ser que el autor del programa DTXmania ha lanzado una nueva versión. A ver si la pruebo y os comento que tal.

  • (3.88MB) – 2007.6.10
  • (3.85MB) – 2007.2.12
  • (2.55MB) – 2006.1.5
  • (3.19MB) – 2004.5.23
  • (3.26MB) – 2004.3.28
  • La verdad que tiene unos dias pero normalmente no me estoy visitando las páginas de los programas cada 2 por 3 :P

    Y dado que no se japonés aquí os pongo el resultado de traducir las novedades de japonés al inglés:

    Release 065b070610 – 2007.6.10

    • [ NEW ] The channel which changes the filling in sound of the drum (1F), the channel which changes the guitar and based Wiling sound (2F and AF) it adds. Each of them appoints the number of #WAV.
    • [ NEW ] «#HIDDENLEVEL: With ON «, Lv indication of selective picture»? ? «Adding the performance which is done.
    • [ NEW ] In the result screen, the sound which is sounded according to ranking is appointed #RESULTSOUND_xx: It adds.
    • [ UPDATE ] It tried to be able to appoint with Config.ini whether or not cash it does BMP and WAV. (BMPCache and WAVCache)
    • [ UPDATE ] It tried changing filling in effect.
    • [ UPDATE ] It meaning that loss check of texture and the surface has come out, it tried adding.
    • [ UPDATE ] Concerning all formats, it tried to regard that Level is 100 stages always. (Appointing the value of 10, or less 10 it tried not to be doubled.)
    • [ FIX ] HHOpen -> When the interval of HHClose is short, HHClose reacting first from HHOpen, correcting the mistake which becomes Poor.
    • [ FIX ] When with HH/FT/CYGroup, being the unused lane in the lane which is tied with the ‘&’, correcting the mistake where the inside of the sky does not become.
    • [ FIX ] When RANDOM SELECT doing, correcting the mistake which has become random to the degree of hardness label under the right of the drum performance picture.
    • [ FIX ] Using フロアタム, when appearing of the MUSIC BOX, correcting the preview picture and the mistake where comment is not modified.
    • [ FIX ] Correcting the mistake which has the fact that (no title) with it is indicated with the result picture.
    • [ FIX ] Concerning Setup BGM, correcting the mistake which is done again to be played back after the reading the system sound from the first.
    • [ FIX ] Depending on FPS and PC power, you evaded the sound gap which occurs.


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